Sunday, July 6, 2014

White Wonders ( feat Noir Hues )

IMG_7124 IMG_7111 IMG_7125 IMG_7045IMG_7134Cut-out jumpsuit c/o Noir Hues / Peplum jacket / Forever New bag / Crystal Isis earrings c/o The Quiet Riot / Charles & Keith mules / H&M sunglasses
  Once again, I'm clad in white from head to toe. White on white on white ( and it can go on and on ) will always be my favourite ensemble of all time. I love how you can look so clean and pure - perhaps just as long as you don't dress like a 'skank' ha ha -just by donning whites all over. Like pellucid waters.
Another marble-printed item added to my collection! The pair that I waited close to 2 months for them to be launched and went an extra mile to grab 'em. Worth every seconds of wait and anxiety. I seriously wonder when I'll ever get over this mad marble phase. Feels like it's growing instead.

 Back to the wonders of white ; When in doubt, wear white. Try it.
Who's on #teamwhite with me?
Photos by Amalina A.
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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

No Tuesday Blues ( feat Noir Hues )

IMG_6985 IMG_6999 blue2 IMG_7011
Blue suit / Sandals c/o Noirhues / River Island hat via ASOS / Estee Lauder clutch ( gifted by my Dear N's mother )
Oh nothing, just me smurfin' around in my favourite colour. Why, hello lovely Tuesday. We're over Monday Blues and there shouldn't be any blueness today except for colour on your apparels, that's totally fine. I hope your week is having a... well, at least some goodness as a head start!
Yup, yours truly is in a pop of colour after a series of perpetual monochrome. Finally, you say? Conventional. I find utter joy whenever I purchase or get stuff for my wardrobe at different timings and they'll somehow just get stashed behind and forgotten about and then I get more things unexpectedly and one day, when I suddenly feel like wearing that forgotten item - Boom, I find that this matches that and that and that as if they're all meant to be, and then I'll go "weehoo" as though I've solved and completed all pieces of a huge puzzle. Too many 'and/s' in a sentence and this could be a little over-dramatized cause I'm for the little things as always, but I'm sure you get me too.
 That sense of satisfaction is amazing. The outfit too totally screams me because I'm in a suit ( yay my favourite ) of my favourite colour.
Thankful that I got these pair of wholesomeness in my favourite from the lovely people of Noir Hues. Introducing to you my dear readers, another great place for you to shop at without moving your butt. ( Sorry for making you broke heh )

Photos by Nazri S.

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