Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tinge Of Orange ( feat Sufyaa )

IMG_7179 IMG_7139 IMG_7158 IMG_7177
  Zara shirt & clogs / Circle Maxi Skirt c/o Sufyaa / H&M hat / Celine handbag
Pardon my hair. The longer side of the former asymmetric bob is obviously taking control of the whole 'unkempt-ness' of it. Gotta get my bob hair back, pronto!
 Pardon this long overdue post. I've been terribly busy during the fasting month and Hari Raya, I barely even have time for myself. Besides, all the unfortunate tragedies that had happened around the world the past few weeks has definitely been keeping me low-spirited and wallowing in grieve. However, at the same time, doing my best to keep the ball rolling in feeding my soul with all the beneficence that I could gather in the past blessed month. 
Okay, rants aside. I declare myself lucky and am truly humbled to be given the opportunity to collaborate with Sufyaa and feeling pretty in their apparels! ( Thank you lovely ones )
As I mentioned on my IG, every one needs a basic swing maxi skirt. Trust me, you do. Especially a good old plain black one, it'll never go out of style. I particularly adore skirts that gives the swinging effect when twirling or simply walking in it. Had fun twirling with it 'cept that my camera couldn't capture the motion without it being a blur. Bummer. 
( I'll try again for sure )

Third pic's my favourite's depiction of the skirt. Pretty self-explanatory.
Sufyaa is assuredly a click away to finding the modest basics you need in your wardrobe. Many other pretty things definitely.
Shop away people!
Photos by Nazri S.

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

White Wonders ( feat Noir Hues )

IMG_7124 IMG_7111 IMG_7125 IMG_7045IMG_7134Cut-out jumpsuit c/o Noir Hues / Peplum jacket / Forever New bag / Crystal Isis earrings c/o The Quiet Riot / Charles & Keith mules / H&M sunglasses
  Once again, I'm clad in white from head to toe. White on white on white ( and it can go on and on ) will always be my favourite ensemble of all time. I love how you can look so clean and pure - perhaps just as long as you don't dress like a 'skank' ha ha -just by donning whites all over. Like pellucid waters.
Another marble-printed item added to my collection! The pair that I waited close to 2 months for them to be launched and went an extra mile to grab 'em. Worth every seconds of wait and anxiety. I seriously wonder when I'll ever get over this mad marble phase. Feels like it's growing instead.

 Back to the wonders of white ; When in doubt, wear white. Try it.
Who's on #teamwhite with me?
Photos by Amalina A.
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